Anti-Virus Agent Manual Update

The Anti-Virus Agent (AVA) can be automatically updated via the Scheduler. This is the recommended way to update the AVA. In certain cases, the Scheduler event may not occur and you may need to manually update the AVA files.

Updating AVA for SurfControl E-mail Filter

This procedure applies to SurfControl E-mail Filter v4.6, v4.7, and v5.x.

  1. Download the Anti-Virus Agent update (dat.zip) on to the same machine as SurfControl E-mail Filter, using the link below.
  2. Stop the Rules Service.
  3. Extract scan.dat, internet.dat, names.dat, and clean.dat from the downloaded zip file and save in the AVA Data directory under the SurfControl E-mail Filter program folder. This will overwrite the previous files with the same filename.
  4. Restart Rules Service.
  5. The Anti-Virus Agent update is now installed and will be used in rules. A confirmation of a successful file upload will appear in the Monitor. Example: AVA Engine Initialized... Engine Version x.x.xx - Driver Version yyyy - Known Viruses: ######

[Download Anti-Virus Agent Update File Now]

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